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About Us

Discover. Listen. Play.

Tune into a music that's
creative, contemporary, and Canadian.

Picanto reaches beyond the commercial music that is already available everywhere. It helps you to discover music you love and new artists, too.

You get direct access to a curated selection of diverse genres and traditions such as jazz, orchestral music, experimental and improvised music, sound art, and also new cross-cultural music such as Indonesian gamelan, Chinese guzheng, and more.

about picanto

Who? was created by and for Canadian music lovers.

It’s a cooperative project of the  Canadian Music Centre, a registered not-for-profit arts company representing Canadian composers and distributing their music worldwide. The project was originally initiated and spearheaded by Canadian composer and electric guitarist Tim Brady, and began with a 3-year research and consultation process funded by the Canada Council. Development of the platform was funded by a grant from the Canada Council's Digital Strategy Fund, in collaboration with Le Vivier and other Canadian composers and creative music practitioners.

Please Read our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization Statement 

Continued operations of the site will be supported by payments and subscriptions, donations, and grants from various funding bodies.

about picanto

about picanto

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