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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization Statement

The social and musical vision of is to

  • Create a space where all creative music practitioners are accepted and supported for the invaluable contribution that each person and organization makes.
  • Work to build greater equity in our shared communities in terms of gender, racialized and sexual minorities, ability, socio-economic status and age. Our voluntary self-Identification categories (see artist profile), and the diversity of our review committees and processes, are actions we have taken to achieve these goals.
  • Strive to eliminate barriers that may create hardships for artists and arts organizations from equitable access to services.
  • Be an active and positive force in promoting and acknowledging the place of Indigenous artists on and in Canadian society, and  encourage a creative dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.
  • Serve the needs of all Canadian creative music artists, including traditionally under-represented communities and emerging artists.
  • Operate Picanto in a fair, honest and transparent manner, and encourage dialogue and accountability in all communications, actions and decisions.
  • Respect the artistic, intellectual and human rights of all artists, arts professionals, administrative staff and partners in all our working relationships.

    Canadian Music Centre - May 31 2021

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